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Improve users' experience of using GXC payment

GXCpay supports GXC for payment between users and merchants. Users can use GXCpay in GXTOP's G-DeFi platform for payment and query functions.

GXCpay supports automatic calculation of the real-time exchange rate of USDT and GXC,

which is convenient for users to directly pay with GXC and USDT equal amounts of GXC, avoiding the trouble of calculating prices and negotiating prices between users.

GXCpay will automatically generate an order and send it to the other party's account to wait for the operation,

and the operation record can be checked. GXCpay provides a safe, fast and accurate payment service between users and merchants.

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A new trading experience against GXC

Users can use G-Trade through G-DeFi account or GScatter to transfer the tokens on the GXChain to other users according to the trading rules. Users will directly hang out their prices and transaction quantities, without having to struggle with the K-line chart, and return to the fundamentals of trading.

GXChain Staking, One Step

Staking with GXTOP to win extra GXC and GXT!

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